As the CFO with Browne’s Auto Supplies I was responsible for creating timely and accurate financial reporting and analysis, as well as, strategic risk management, legal components and Workers Compensation requirements. In addition, I was responsible for Human Resources, including staff management, staff planning, providing perform management integration and employee retention. I provided leadership and influence within the organization in order to play an integral part to ensure the organizations success.

In my role as Director for NLAE I provided financial leadership, Client and supplier management, Risk mitigation, provided business oversight, implemented strategic plans, as well as, performed the day to day business and financial requirements of the organization.



Personal and Corporate tax
Bookkeeping Services
HST Services
Payroll Services
Monthly Financial Statements

All levels of Corporate Financial Statements
Business Development Service
Human Resources Services
Workers Compensation Services

I have over 20 years of industry experience, which helps me understand the needs and challenges of clients.